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Montessori Educational Cards

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The best time to develop the brain is before age 6. At age 2, the brain begins to develop more slowly. If babies do not have scientific training at this time, they will miss the golden stage of brain development.
As an early education development toy, it is a wonderful way to stimulate babies' brain and eye development. Showing white and colorful black flash cards to baby is a good activity, enhancing the bonding of baby and parents, enjoying a happy time together.

Good To Know: The contrast cards are absolutely non-toxic, good strength and waterproof, safe for babies.


Developed by experts according to baby's age.

Activate baby's right brain development.

Easy to clean

Cultivate the child's instant memory

Give baby a start to know things

Safe materials for your baby's health.


Cards 0-3

Visual development features: with black and white vision, sensitive to objects and graphics in contrast to black and white.

Training method: at 0.5 months, babies can accept visual training. Put the card in front of the baby in the distance watching several seconds and then switch to the next card when the baby already saw it.

Cards 3-6

Visual developmental characteristics: Increasingly strong perception of color and shape of items, especially the color red. Baby begins to make the visual transition from black and white to color.

Training method: To follow up visual training, place a card in front of baby, moving slowly with seconds from top to bottom, left to right.

Cards 6-12

Visual development characteristics: in the color visual period, stereoscopic vision gradually improve, baby prefer to see patterns with strong color comparison, slowly feel stereopsis such as far and near, left and right, high and short of things, fast tracking of moving things.

Training method: adults can motivate baby's visual cognition with colorful and abstract cards. You can also take baby outside to expand baby's vision.

Cards 12-36

Visual development features:The rapid development of visual observation and cognitive ability. With a certain resolution ability, the baby can recognize more and more objects in the increased training.

Training method: adults can train the baby by saying the name of the object to find the real one and know its function. Guide the baby to observe details of cards and things.

Buy the bundle and save money by accompanying your baby through the whole stage of visual growth.

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